It seems that some spammers have decided to forge emails that appear to be coming from my domain (, i.e., people are getting emails from and (and others), which are fake email address. These emails are NOT coming from my server, they are being relayed through badly configured email servers owned by other people. What really sucks is there is NOTHING I can do about it, there isn’t any way I can stop it cause they aren’t using anything I can control. It pisses me off big time. All these people I don’t know are getting these emails and think the spam is comming from my computers. 🙁 And to make it more fun, I get all the bounced emails from dead email address the spammers are mailing to and from those who bounce spam back to the from address (which is forged, but their anti-spam software is badly designed and doesn’t realise this). Anyway, I’m just frustrated and very pissed. I’m about ready to start taking spammers to court, maybe I can suck some money out of them if I can track them down.