So you want to know more about me! … Why?

Since you are determined here goes…

I’m a computer geek at the core. I had my first real experience with computers in middle school where I soon had the teacher asking me how to do things and referring students to me to answer questions and fix problems. At that point I was hooked. Since then I managed to get my BS in Computer Engineering and my MS in Computer Science.  I have worked in several technology fields including Telecommunications, System Administration, Networking, Security, Programming, and the Financial Industry. I’m presently practicing my skills as a Information Security Officer consulting on computer and network system security both in traditional data-centers and the cloud.

My current interests include: All things Open Source (focus on Linux), Computer and Network Security, Gadgets, Trucks/Cars (My greasy hands hobby), Reading (which I’ve been slacking on lately), my wife, and my sons.

Some highlights in my tech life:

Projects I’m currently working on:

My day job as an Information Security Officer.

My small time consulting CafaroTech.

Helping the Fedora Security Team.

Helping organize the BSidesDC October 2015/2016 events with a focus on CryptKids section

PGP Information for Contact:

KeyID: 863C5631
Fingerprint: 9BBD BB03 893C 9D7F A9F3 22F2 F705 2B03 863C 5631

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